Investor debt information

Credit Ratings and Debt

Credit Ratings
Senior Unsecured Notes Standard & Poor's Ratings Services Moody's Investor Services
Rating BBB- Baa2
Outlook Stable Stable
Bank Credit Facility BBB- Baa2
Debt and Credit Facilities 1
  Term (Years) Coupon/Rate Amount ($Mills) Maturity
Bank Credit Facility 2 5 Libor Based Floating Rate $750 4/28/2023
Senior Unsecured Notes 10 4.30% Coupon $600 6/15/2028

1 For more information please refer to the Company's 10K and 10Q filings
2 $750 million Amount is total amount currently available. Refer to the Companies 10K and 10-Q filings for amounts drawn and outstanding

Ratings are not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities and may be changed, suspended or withdrawn at any time by the assigning rating agency.
Each rating should be evaluated independently of the others. Detailed explanations of the ratings may be obtained from the rating agencies.
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